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Title: Designing out stigma : the potential of contradictory symbolic imagery
Author: Bispo, Renato
Branco, Vasco
Keywords: Stigma
Product design
Inclusive design
Assistance technologies
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: This paper discusses a work-in-progress research project. Its goals are to understand how one can overcome the stigmatizing effect associated to the use of products especially designed for people with disabilities and compensate this phenomenon using contradictory symbolic imagery. The stigmatizing effect of this kind of object generates a double negative role for the people who use them: on the one hand, it becomes a visible, identifying sign that underlines social discrimination; on the other hand, it exacts upon the disabled person feelings of shame which can lead to further low self-esteem and self-exclusion. To ensure a degree of control over this signification process, we must develop solutions that respond not only the basic needs but also the disabled person expectations towards social integration and interaction. Therefore, we put forward a hypothesis of using contradictory symbols to manipulate the stigmatizing dimension of objects, by discussing a design project and an evaluation model that will allow us to assess its applicability in real life contexts.
Description: Comunicação apresentada na Conferência Include 2009, Londres.
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