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Title: Video summary generation and coding using temporal scalability
Author: Ferreira, Lino
Cruz, Luís
Assunção, Pedro Amado
Keywords: Scalable Video Coding
Temporal scalability
Video summarization
Issue Date: May-2009
Citation: FERREIRA, Lino; CRUZ, Luís; ASSUNÇÃO, Pedro Amado - Video summary generation and coding using temporal scalability. Proceedings 7th Conference on Telecommunications - ConfTele. Santa Maria da Feira: [s.n.], 2009. Vol. 1, p. 283-286.
Abstract: In this paper two algorithms for video summary generation and coding are proposed. Two distortion metrics used in the video summary generation algorithm are compared and an algorithm with reduced computational complexity is presented. The paper also proposes two frame structures in the temporal domain suitable for coding using temporal scalability of the H.264/SVC.
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