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Title: Cellulose-binding domains as a tool for paper recycling
Author: Pala, Helena
Pinto, R.
Mota, Manuel
Duarte, A. P.
Gama, Francisco Miguel
Keywords: Paper recycling
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Citation: PALA, Helena e outros - Cellulose-binding domains as a tool for paper recycling. In: MANSFIELD, Shawn D.; SADDLER, John N., eds. Applications of enzymes to lignocellulosics (ACM Symposium Series, 855). P. 104-115.
Series/Report no.: ACM Symposium Series;855
Abstract: Treatement of secondary paper fibres with cellulose-binding domains allows for improvements of pulp durability and of paper mechanical properties. The interfacial system fibre-water-fibre, may be affected by the CBD treatement, influencing the pulp and paper technical properties. Inverse Gas Chromatography provides experimental evidence that support this hypothesis.
ISBN: 978-0-8412-3831-2
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