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Title: Enzymatic upgrade of old paperboard containers
Author: Pala, Helena
Lemos, M. A.
Mota, Manuel
Gama, Francisco Miguel
Keywords: Cellulase
Cellulose binding-domains
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: PALA, Helena e outros - Enzymatic upgrade of old paperboard containers. Enzyme and Microbial Technology. Vol. 29, n.º 4/5 (2001), p. 274-279.
Abstract: The use of enzymes in secondary fiber (old paperboard containers) upgrading was investigated. The following aspects were analyzed: (i) the effect of several enzymes and (non-hydrolytic) cellulose-binding domains on the pulp and paper properties; (ii) factors influencing enzymatic treatment of secondary fiber: enzyme dosage and reaction time; and (iii) enzyme action on fractions with different fiber-length. In general, all the tested enzymatic preparations were able to improve the pulp drainability. In most cases this improvement was obtained at the expense of paper strength. The use of cellulose-binding domains allowed for the simultaneous increase in drainability and strength properties.
ISSN: 0141-0229
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