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Title: Genetic terrain programming: an aesthetic approach to terrain generation
Author: Frade, Miguel
Fernandéz de Vega, Francisco
Cotta, Carlos
Keywords: Genetic terrain programming
Terrain generator
Issue Date: Apr-2008
Abstract: Nowadays there are a wide range of techniques for terrain generation, but are focused on providing realistic terrains often neglecting the aesthetic appeal. The Genetic Terrain Programming technique, based on evolutionary design with Genetic Programming, allows designers to evolve terrains according to their aesthetic feelings or desired features. This technique evolves TPs (Terrain Programmes) that are capable of generating different terrains, but consistently with the same features. This paper presents a study about the perseverance of terrain features of the TPs across different LODs (Levels Of Detail). Results showed it is possible to use low LODs during the evolutionary phase without compromising results and the terrain features generated by a TPs are scale invariant.
Description: Comunicação apresentada na conferência Computer Games and Allied Technology, 8, Singapore, 2008.
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