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Title: Composition of small and large firms' business networks in transition economies
Author: Ferreira, Manuel Portugal
Li, Dan
Serra, Fernando Ribeiro
Armagan, Sungu
Keywords: Business relationships
Transition economies
Institutional environment
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Universidade Federal da Bahia. Escola de Administração
Citation: FERREIRA, Manuel Portugal - Composition of small and large firms' business networks in transition economies. Organizações & Sociedade. Vol. 15, n.º 46 (Jul./Set. 2008), p. 195-213.
Abstract: In this study, using firm level data from twenty six transition economies collected by the World Bank and the EBRD in 1999-2000, we conduct a set of logistic regression models to investigate the composition of small and large firms’ business networks. The results show that, in contrast to smaller firms, larger firms are more likely to have formal business relationships, and relationships with national and foreign financial institutions, government, and foreign firms. In addition, in a subgroup analysis of seven transition economies we show that the composition of the firms’ business networks varies substantially across countries but that the government is still a dominant client. Furthermore, we found a large variation on firms’ reliance on informal ties and the extent to which firms exchange with foreign firms.
ISSN: 1413-585X
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