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dc.contributor.advisorMarques, Tânia de Matos Gomes-
dc.contributor.advisorCrespo, Cátia Claudemira-
dc.contributor.authorBranco, Melissa Marques-
dc.description.abstractThe concept of responsible leadership is emerging in the literature to address the globalization demands. Responsible leadership is distinguished from other leadership styles by the closest relationship of the leader with all stakeholders. However, few studies in the literature had empirically examined the influence of responsible leadership on employee outcomes, considering a cross-border environment. The aim of this study is to examine the effect of responsible leadership on expatriates’ performance and affective well-being at work. At the same time, it is considered that cross-cultural adjustment should be taken into account when approaching expatriate employees. Using the Social Identity Theory, this study outlines the relation of responsible leadership on expatriates’ outcomes at work. An online questionnaire was conducted to collect data from a sample of expatriate employees, which are currently in the process of expatriation. A total of 111 valid answers were obtained and used in this study. Structural equation modeling was used to analyse the collected data. The results show that responsible leadership has a positive impact on the affective well-being at work and an indirect impact on expatriates’ performance through the mediation role of affective well-being at work. Moreover, affective well-being at work directly contributes to expatriates’ performance. The cross-cultural adjustment did not play a moderator role when assessing the direct relation between responsible leadership and expatriates’ performance. It is suggested that responsible leadership has a positive contribution when addressing employees’ outcomes in a global context.pt_PT
dc.subjectLiderança responsávelpt_PT
dc.subjectDesempenho dos expatriadospt_PT
dc.subjectBem-estar afetivo no trabalhopt_PT
dc.subjectAjustamento culturalpt_PT
dc.subjectTeoria da identidade socialpt_PT
dc.titleThe influence of responsible leadershipon expatriates’ performance: the mediating role of affective well-being atworkand the moderating role of cross-cultural adjustmentpt_PT
thesis.degree.nameMestrado em Negócios Internacionaispt_PT
dc.subject.fosDomínio/Área Científica::Ciências Sociais::Economia e Gestãopt_PT
Aparece nas colecções:Mestrado em Negócios Internacionais

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