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Título: Obesidade, hábitos alimentares e estilos de vida da população de Leiria
Outros títulos: Obesity, health habits, eating behaviour and lifestyles in the population from Leiria
Autor: Dixe, Maria dos Anjos
Catarino, Helena
Palavras-chave: Obesity
Eating behaviour
Health habits
Data: Abr-2010
Citação: Dixe, M. Anjos., & Catarino, H. d. (Abril de 2010). Obesidade, Habitos alimentares e estilos de vida da população de Leiria. International Journal of Developmental and Educational Psychology , pp. 751-768.
Resumo: Objectives: To determine the prevalence of obesity, determine health habits, eating habits and lifestyles in the population of the district of Leiria and determine some predictors of obesity in the same population. Methodology: We implemented a quantitative correlational cross-sectional non-experimental study. The sample for this study was composed of 36, 2% (183) man and 67, 4% (378) women with mean age of 39.4 years old (SD=6,7) who answered a questionnaire composed by: socio-demographic data, eating habits, life styles, anthropometric date and blood pressure. The participants of this study attended the community health centers in Leiria’s district during 2009. Results: 48, 3% (261) of the participants are overweight. Obese people are older and, most of them, have higher values of systolic and diastolic pressure and waist circumference when compared with those who had normal weight (p ≤0,01). BMI is not correlated with physical activity, emotional state and eating behaviour (p>0,05) except for the consumption of snacks at meals and breakfast. Conclusion: Obesity is an important public health problem that requires a continuous effort to control because it is an important risk factor for the development and worsening of other diseases.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.8/339
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