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Título: Stress factors in clinical teaching in nursing : the students' perspective
Autor: Custódio, Susana Margarida Rodrigues
Pereira, Anabela Maria Sousa
Seco, Graça Maria dos Santos Batista
Palavras-chave: Stress
Ensino clínico em enfermagem
Data: 2009
Resumo: In nursing courses, clinical teaching is a crucial experience which gives students the opportunity to explore, interiorise and implement what they have learned before becoming professional nurses. At the same time, they constitute a stage in which their learning, skills and performance are evaluated, which can lead to stress. This paper aims to identify the situations encountered in Clinical Teaching in Nursing (CTN) which are perceived as stressors. A total of 1,283 students from the four years’ bachelor degree course in nursing participated in this research. The results enabled the identification of five stressors: CTN guidance, specific nursing situations, evaluation, personal aspects and time and work management. The results revealed the existence of statistically significant differences in the perception levels of stress-inducing situations depending on the course year attended by the students and on their sex, demonstrating that females’ perception level of stressors is significantly higher than that of males.
Descrição: Comunicação apresentada na International Conference of Psychology and Education: Practices, Training and Research, que decorreu em 2009 na Universidade da Beira Interior.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.8/315
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