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Title: mCrash: a framework for the evaluation of mobile devices trustworthiness properties
Author: Ribeiro, José Carlos Bregieiro
Zenha-Rela, Mário Alberto
Keywords: Robustness testing
Windows mobile
Issue Date: Jun-2006
Citation: RIBEIRO, J.; ZENHA-RELA, M. A. - mCrash: a framework for the evaluation of mobile devices trustworthiness properties. In: Proceedings of the CSMU 2006, Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems. Guimarães: [s.n.], 2006. pp. 163-166.
Abstract: A rationale and framework for the evaluation of mobile devices’ robustness and trustworthiness properties using a Windows Mobile 5.0 testbed is presented. The methodology followed includes employing software faultinjection techniques at the operating system’s interface level and customising tests to the behaviour of the software.
ISBN: 972-8692-29-3
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