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Title: Dynamic analysis of a refrigerated room
Author: Carvalho, Maria da Graça
Pitarma, Rui A.
Pereira, Filipe D.
Ramos, João António Esteves
Keywords: Numerical simulation
Refrigerated room
Velocity distribution
Temperature distribution
Issue Date: 1994
Abstract: The prediction of velocity and temperature distributions in a refrigerated room generally requires the simultaneous three-dimensional solution of the equations governing the flow pattern (Navier-stokes equations for buoyant flows) and the energy equation. This paper presents numerical predictions and experimental validation of the three-dimensional turbulent flow inside two different three-dimensional refrigeration chambers with forced convection. The refrigerated rooms are a 26 m3 living produce storage room and a 10 m3 yogurt truck refrigerated chamber. Agreement between measured and predicted values was very satisfactory for engineering purposes. The model is very useful in chamber's design since an important tool to predict food storage in order to allow energy savings.
Description: Comunicação apresentada no European Congress on Economics and Management of Energy in Industry, Estoril, 1994
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