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Title: A multiple-line double multirate shooting technique for the simulation of heterogeneous RF circuits
Authors: Oliveira, Jorge dos Santos Freitas de
Pedro, José Carlos
Keywords: Nonlinear circuits
Nonlinear differential equations
Issue Date: Feb-2009
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: OLIVEIRA, Jorge Santos Freitas; PEDRO, José Carlos - A multiple-line double multirate shooting technique for the simulation of heterogeneous RF circuits. IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques. Vol. 57, n.º 2 (Fev. 2009), p. 421-429.
Abstract: This paper describes a computer-aided design tool especially conceived for the efficient time-domain simulation of strongly nonlinear mixed digital, baseband, and RF circuits operating in multiple time scales. The proposed numerical method is based on a 3-D envelope oriented technique over an innovative multiple-line double multirate shooting strategy, and is tested with an illustrative circuit example. Significant gains in computation speed over previous methods recently proposed for the simulation of this category of circuits are reported, as the technique was tailored to take advantage of the circuits’ heterogeneity and stimulus time-rate disparity.
Description: O tema do (in)sucesso académico no Ensino Superior (ES) tem sido debatido por estudantes, docentes, instituições de ES, governo e pela sociedade em geral com perspectivas diversas mas com preocupações comuns: o insucesso como um problema mas também como causa de outras realidades igualmente preocupantes (e.g.: abandono escolar no ensino superior, número de anos para terminar um curso, satisfação individual com o percurso académico, entre outras).
ISSN: 0018-9480
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